JSC "Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory"

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'Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory', JSC is a unique diversified enterprise of optical industry and one of the largest in Europe. The enterprise has reached a high world level quality of fabricated products by nowadays and is considered as recognized Russian leader in manufacturing of optical materials for various science and technology domains.

The exclusive distributor of 'LZOS', JSC is 'Optics Group' firm that supplies commercial production of the enterprise in domestic and foreign markets.

'Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory', JSC is a unique, diversified enterprise in the optical industry, one of the largest in Europe. We have achieved a world class level of quality and are recognized as the Russian leader in the manufacturing of optical materials for various scientific and technological domains.

The exclusive distributor of 'LZOS', JSC is the 'Optics Group' firm that supplies domestic and foreign markets.

'LZOS', JSC possesses a high degree of scientific and technical capability to develop new lines of production and technology; comprised of three major special purpose research and production complexes whose activities are briefly described below:

  • Optical materials manufacturing inclusive of optical glass melting, blanks and fiber optic elements manufacturing;
  • Blanks machining and finally polished optics manufacturing both large size optic components inclusive of lenses and mirrors for land or space base crafts for astronomical purposes and optical elements for various applications;
  • Optical-mechanical and optical-electronic devices manufacturing for different purposes either intended for mass applications or special-purpose usage as per a customer requirements.

'LZOS', JSC has at its disposal the qualified and skillful staff and high performance facilities that enable to conduct completely several fabrication process cycles. 'LZOS' supplies products through its official distributor - 'Optics Group' firm to more than 30 countries of the world - the enterprises' goods are reliable under service and affordable at price.

Many years' experience in manufacturing and collaboration with institute " Vavilov State Optical Institute" allow JSC LZOS to master production of more than 250 types of optical colour and colourless glass. The factory supplies its production to enterprises of Russia, of Commonwealth of Independent States, and to Europe, America and Asia. The high quality of produced glass is provided by approved advanced technology, by the use of high-clean row materials and by standardization of tolerances on main parameters of optical glass. Considerable part of manufacturing is optical glass with special properties:

  • laser glass based on silicate and phosphate with different concentration of activator which allow to generate solid-state lasers used in scientific investigations, special range finders and back-sights;
  • oxygen-free or chalcogenide glasses for infrared spectral region;
  • glass ceramic material - Sitall which possesses a low close to zero thermal linear expansion coefficient from which angstrom-accuracy frames of optical quantum gyroscopes for navigators are made as well as mirrors for astronomical telescopes and equipment for space observation;
  • flexible fiber-optic elements to conduct light and images at endoscopes, rigid fiber-optic plates used at electron-optical image intensifier of 2+ and 3 generation for the night vision devices and back-sights.

LSOS is the leading Russian enterprise in the field of development and manufacturing of day and night vision devices for the reviewing system at armored machinery, air- and space-based large dimension objectives and astronomical mirrors.

LZOS produces more than 60 types of observation devices. Among them are:

  • prism zoom devices of heated and none-heated types with the periscopic value from 115 mm to 350 mm;
  • prism devices with target sighting;
  • back sight devices;
  • special devices used during work at high radiation area;
  • precise shielding glass with electric heating;
  • infrared filters for searchlights and thermal imagery devices;
  • prism night vision devices for drives of armored vehicles;
  • night goggles for drives of armored vehicles;
  • night goggles for helicopter piloting;
  • night goggles for reconnaissance, target searching, detecting arrangements, engineering and remedial maintenance;
  • night binoculars with magnification from 2.5 to 7".

One of the most important and developed fields of work at LZOS is the development and manufacturing of night vision devices. More than 20 types of night vision devices for different applications are mastered (goggles, binoculars). LZOS became technical and manufacturing ground for development and application of advanced achievements in the field of night vision devices.

Helicopter goggles OVN-1 take the special place in the large row of night vision devices. They were the first goggles for helicopter piloting at night. To present day they are the best goggles taking into consideration their technical and ergonomic parameters. The key element of this night vision device - electron-optical image intensifier made of the components produced at LZOS.

LZOS has all technological shops provided almost the whole cycle of optical devices manufacturing:
  • optical glass melting and manufacturing of different dimension-type blanks;
  • manufacturing of optical components with different coatings;
  • under pressure casting of aluminum, magnesium and brass alloys;
  • pressing;
  • plastics;
  • mechanical rubber productions;
  • mechanoprocessing;
  • woodworking;
  • mechanoprocessing including electronics;
  • testing equipment provided all types of testing including vacuum camera of 72 meters height.

In 80-ies the manufacturing of large dimensions lens objectives with the clear aperture up to 700mm and large dimensions mirrors with the diameter up to 4 meters for special observation equipment and astronomy was generated.

At present LZOS apart from scientific and technological and production potential for the large dimensions optics manufacturing LZOS enlarges scientific and manufacturing capacities in the this area of activity used advanced computer technologies and modern interferometric methods of testing.

The accumulated production potential allowed LZOS to represent its production at the international market of large dimensions astronomical optics in the middle of 90-ies. Since 1994 till nowadays LZOS manufactured optical blanks from 500mm to 2300mm for more than 20 international projects:

  • primary mirror of 2m telescope for the Royal Greenwich Observatory (Great Britain);
  • set of astronomical mirrors for Chinese Academy of Space Technology;
  • primary mirror of 1.23m telescope for Max Plank Institute in Heidelberg (Germany);
  • primary mirror of 2.6m telescope for VST project (Italy);
  • primary mirror of 2.3m telescope for the National Observatory in Athens (Greece).

While enterprise growing and its business expanding, the production reached the world standard and now LZOS delivers its production (such as optical glasses, night vision devices, astronomical mirrors) to more than 30 countries all over the world.