Major current projects

Vista M1 and M2

Project VISTA (Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy), the contract for manufacturing and figuring high-aperture surfaces of the Primary mirror (diam. 4100 mm, top radius aprox. 8 m, a-sphericity value about 881 nu m made of ZERODUR® substrate, SCHOTT Company and the Secondary mirror (diameter 1240 mm, a-sphericity aprox. 364 nu m, made of Astrositall® substrate). When manufacturing process is completed the given Mirrors will be installed in ESO Observatory, Paranal. (

Information about VISTA telescope is presented in web-sites:
The primary mirror is made of ZERODUR® SCHOTT (Germany) є. And delivered to LZOS Company premises . The secondary mirror is being manufactured of Astrositall®.

major projects:
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