European project "VST 1" is successfully completed
Producing of 2650mm diam. Primary Mirror for "VST" Telescope for European Southern Observatory (ESO) and its transportation to Chili to Paranal mountain were accomplished. Technical specialists from JSC LZOS escorted the Mirror from Santiago airport to Antafagasta town (mountain Paranal) in Chile. As part of mission task members of delegation and ESO representatives agreed upon route, conditions and schedule of the Mirror transportation. Speed operation condition and impact and tilt sensors located on the container were monitored during transportation. At observatory arrival technical specialists of JSC LZOS convey the Mirror to ESO representatives. European partners cry content with the "VST 1" Mirror protection during transportation by LZOS engineers and estimate the work as successful.

The Major Astronomical Mirror of Russia is delivered at LZOS for repolishing
After a great preliminary work in early June, the complex operation of transportation of the Primary Mirror (diam. 6 meters) of Big Asimuth Telescope (BTA) of Special Astrophysics Observatory of Russia Academy of Science (SAO RAS) from Karachaevo-Chirkassia to Lytkarino (Moscow region) was finished. The mirror was produced at LZOS 35 years ago and needs putting in full repair: polishing and finishing of the surface, recovery of the light-reflecting coating. The latest world technologies possessed by LZOS will be used for these purposes.

The visit to "APM - Telescopes" firm
At the end of May the delegation of JSC LZOS consisting of Sergey Kuznetsov Deputy General Manager and Oleg Ponin, Chief of Apo assembling department No. 22 visited the firm "APM - Telescopes" (Germany), which produces the telescopes for consumer and semiprofessional astronomy. Our factory has carried on cooperation with German partners since 1997. We supply them the wide range of high quality apochromate triplet objectives. During 10 years cooperation our factory has supplied more than 1300 objectives for total sum of 2.6 million US dollars. The following questions were treated in the course of the visit: supplying of our product in 2007 and the perspective plan for 2008. They reach the agreement to develop and supply the new objectives taking into consideration the demand trades of optics in world market.

Chinese partners are content with factory production
The partners from People's Republic of China accepted the unique Mirror produced at LZOS for the Chinese State Astronomical Institute. The Mirror will be mounted in newly built telescope (Chang-du, People's Republic of China). Our factory is finishing the polishing of the Mirror diam. 1550mm for this Institute. In the opinion of leading Chinese scientists astronomers the optical characteristics of the astronomic optics meet the highest requirements of the world astrooptics.

Transferring the Mirror to EOST (USA)
According to the contract with "EOST" company (USA) the Mirror of diam. 1350mm was transferred to American partners in terms determined by LZOS. The mirror will be mounted in the telescope at Hawaiian Islands.

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